Fieste Restaurant, Craigieburn

We had a free morning so decided to head out to a new place and try their breakfast/brunch menu options, and you know what that means.

Eggs Benedict.

The restaurant offers food similar to La Porchetta (for the aussies) so we have decided we might try and head there for dinner one night and see what their other foods are like. A local Italian restaurant is always appreciated.

Fieste 1

They were brought out relatively quickly and looked ok.  If you wanted to be particular they served them on unbuttered bread and mot muffins which didn’t fit onto the plate as you can see in the picture above.  I am not one to usually worry about the presentation because at the end of it an empty plate is going to be the only evidence that you had either the best or worst eggs benedict.

I appreciated the full bacon rashers instead of the shortcut bacon (personal preference and an annoyance) which was cut up to be more manageable.  I always prefer when I have some parsley on my meals, I adore the slight flavour change, my preference is full parsley leaves as a garnish.  Don’t judge me for being a garnish-eater!

There was a nice amount of sauce and I whilst I did have a sight vinegar tang to it I also had the curry after taste.  The eggs were slightly overcooked with well cooked whites and no wetness however the yolks were just not runny enough.

Overall they were not bad and if you prefer less yolk these would be great for you!  You can check out their website here if you are in the area.

I am giving these guys a solid 3 eggs



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