I am hunting to find the best eggs benedict.

I was introduced to this gorgeous dish in about 2002 in a small but brilliant café in Newtown, NSW called Café Blue (no longer in business as I understand it).  One of my friends suggested I would love it and thus began my love affair with finding the perfect mix of sauce, egg yolk, bacon and bready goodness.  I remember that day he ordered the variant with Salmon (let’s call it an Eggs Atlantic) which I am yet to try.

My obsession carried over into the night time too and after evenings out dancing with friends, we would head to Oxford St, NSW and head to California and I would diligently order eggs benny with bacon.  Even now if we head to a café or restaurant and they are on the menu I have to order them to see how well they stack up against every other.

For some reason, Australia seems to substitute ham instead of the traditional bacon and hence the name of this blog was born;  I always have to ask for it “with bacon”.

My plan is to torture my husband into attending new cafes every 2 weeks to test out their eggs benedict.  We will be starting in our local area and finding new places to try when we exhaust our options locally.

All reviews I post will be scored out of 5 eggs which includes a cumulative result from the egg white, yolk runniness, bacon amount, type of bread or muffin, amount of hollandaise sauce and various other aspects.


I hope you enjoy this blog and please comment on your experiences if you have been to these locations.




I am not a qualified chef but I do love cooking.

I am a consumer who is obsessed and has eaten so many eggs benedict I know what I like.

I do sometimes have an after taste of curry with the hollandaise – this is a side mission to find out if this is caused by something as it doesn’t always happen.