My house

So keeping in mind I am measuring others on their eggs benedict, I felt it was appropriate that I make them myself and see how they taste when home made as a bench mark.

My first attempt and I can tell you I will certainly make this again as I made mistakes in the preparation.  J. Kenji López-Alt is a god as far as am concerned, I have made many recipes and they are always brilliant.  So when my husband came across this Foolproof 2-minute Hollandaise Recipe I had to try it. I did try it about 6 months ago but I didn’t have enough butter to make it again after I stuffed it the first attempt (I added the butter to quickly) so left it.

However since I didn’t get out this weekend due to plans I figured it was the perfect time to give this another go.


My husband did most of the extras for me, including cooking the bacon, making the toast and poaching the eggs. The above recipe calls for an egg yolk and lemon in a container that fits an immersion blender in.

the start

Add the melted butter very slowly.


Then (once you do it properly) you get this thick gorgeous sauce. It was not as runny as I would have liked, it may have been needing more butter or perhaps I blended it too long?  I am not sure but a couple more attempts will give me some more chances to test it out.

The sauce

The blender sort of got stuck in the cup I was using though, like the sauce was making a vacuum, so I had to get my husband to hold the container so I could move the blender and keep adding the butter in.  I need an extra hand or two.

Home made Benedict

Look at those little benes. We overcooked the eggs so there was no runny yolk, but that was our first time poaching eggs with the silicon cups we have.  We will know for next time to only cook them for about 2-3 minutes.

The sauce on its on was a little tart (which I like) and there was no curry after taste. The sauce was so easy to make. If you like Hollandaise but don’t want to whisk and risk, then I can suggest you do this method and enjoy it on everything you eat!

Waterside Cafe, Craigieburn

We have been to this cafe a few time as it is nearby and on the local lake and it quite a pleasant environment, when you can get a table.  If you leave it too late you may find there is nowhere to sit.  It isn’t an overly small cafe, but due to its lovely location it is popular.

I have only ever ordered the eggs benedict with bacon at this cafe and so cannot even offer an idea of what their other food is like. My husband used to order other meals but after having tried EB only recently he now happily eats them with me and we compare notes about our experiences. I wouldn’t say we have the same tastes, but they are similar and I have much higher expectations than him when it comes to EB.

Waterside Cafe 1

This place is consistently good, you get nicely poached eggs (very little undercooked whites) with runny yolks and barely any excess water.  The bacon is sufficient, although as everyone knows you could never have too much bacon with a meal so I always appreciate a serve that has full rashers instead of short cut.  The hollandaise is thick and plentiful, but with the curry after taste I dislike.  I didn’t receive any garnish (my husband did) and the bread it was served on wasn’t buttered;  which made it feel slightly dry, if you didn’t smother it with either hollandaise or yummy yolk.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Taking into account my previous experiences at this cafe and their consistancy over the past 12 months of attendance, I am going to rate them in the middle with a solid 3 eggs! I will continue to go back there as they always hit the spot.